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From "Hunsberger, Peter" <>
Subject RE: [ANN] GroupingTransformer
Date Wed, 05 Feb 2003 16:17:32 GMT
>> Bruno Dumon wrote:
>> > Based on some code from the xReporter project, I created a new 
>> > transformer for Cocoon that can do grouping and summary calculation 
>> > of table-like data (such as the data that comes out of the 
>> > SQLTransformer). The grouping to be performed is described in a 
>> > configuration file. This transformer works independent from 
>> > xReporter.
>> I'm too lazy^H^H^H^Hbusy to look at the docs now ;-). Can you tell us
>> what features it has that cannot be implemented with XSLT?
> I've never tried to do things like grouping and calculating summaries in
> XSLT, but I think that:
>  * writing the config file for the GroupingTransformer is less work than
> doing the same thing in XSLT.

Grouping is a standard XSLT problem.  It's not real trivial, it usually
requires a knowledge of keys, but it's not all that hard either.

>  * calculating things like averages, sums, min and max values is a lot
> easier than in XSLT (or probably impossible XSLT)

Sum, min, max are usually pretty much trivial.  Obviously, if you've got
sum, average, is not much harder...

>  * it should run faster than XSLT

That's probably true!  But; will it be easier to maintain?  If it's
presentation oriented I'd keep it in the XSLT if it's business logic then a
transformer might be more reasonable (or better, shove it even further
towards the back end).

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