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From Jeremy Quinn <>
Subject SQL Editor
Date Mon, 03 Feb 2003 14:10:45 GMT
Hi Guys

I am looking into implementing a forms-based editor for a complex set 
of inter-related SQL Tables (with lots of gruesome link tables etc.).

What is currently considered the best technique to be using in Cocoon 
right now?

XMLForm (we don't use Beans)
OriginalDBActions (obsolete ? )
ModularDBActions (Actions are not liked by many)
SQL Inserts/Updates using SQLTransformer (maybe not capable of the job 
due to complexities of the multiple Table updating required ? )
SQL Inserts/Updates using ESQL TagLib (complex and difficult to 
maintain ? )
OutputModules+FlowScript (too unknown ? )

Out of this list, the ability of ModularDBActions to make multiple 
row/table modifications into a discreet transaction makes it sound the 
most attractive.

As for OutputModules+FlowScript, is that even a reality yet?

Thanks for any advice.

regards Jeremy

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