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From Stefano Mazzocchi <>
Subject Re: issues with cocoon charter?
Date Wed, 26 Feb 2003 22:52:30 GMT
Steven Noels wrote:
> Greg Stein wrote:
>> And the Board already told Cocoon that it did not like that tautology. 
>> For
>> the Cocoon case, the Board was comfortable in creating the PMC and 
>> letting
>> them get started, with the caveat that they must submit a refined 
>> charter to
>> the Board.
> Picked up from
> Stefano,
> could you provide some context to us, so that we can collaborate on 
> solving this issue? Or have I missed something?

The current Cocoon charter is recursive. Basically we say that the 
Cocoon project will manage the Cocoon code. In short, we can do 
anything, even client-side software for voice recognition or inertial 
missile guidance systems.

The ASF board wants us to come up with a real scope and stick with it.

The problem is: how do we define Cocoon now that XML publishing became 
too limited?

the real core of what we do is about 'XML pipelines and their use in 
content production, management and serving'. But it might sound too broad.

suggestions anyone?

Stefano Mazzocchi                               <>
    Pluralitas non est ponenda sine necessitate [William of Ockham]

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