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From Torsten Curdt <>
Subject Re: Cocoon sandbox @ Sourceforge? (Re: [Proposal] Cocoon Sandbox)
Date Wed, 26 Feb 2003 17:08:56 GMT

>>Hm... don't like this. The scratchpad would be to distant from the 
>>cocoon itself.
> Yes, just like the Wiki docs are distant from the xdocs.  Just like the
> Wiki, it could benefit from much wider participation.



>>Hm... don't understand why other rules should apply for the scratchpad 
>>than for the "core project"?
> The core project's central rule is: only established committers can play.
> Nothing wrong with applying that to the scratchpad, if all you want to do
> is incubate code.
> I'm thinking, why not discard that rule for the sandbox, and use it to
> incubate *committers* as well as code?


>>I mean - everyone can start a sourceforge project and see if it works 
>>out and later contribute/offer the code to the cocoon project.
> Yes.  Imagine if someone on cocoon-users started an umbrella project on
> SF for useful Cocoon snippets.  Wouldn't this also be a logical place for
> alpha Cocoon stuff?

Well, depends if we still would have a scratchpad/sandbox at apache ;)

>>I think the scratchpad/sandbox should remain in the apache cvs!
> :)  Just throwing around ideas..


But what I fear is that the relation to the cocoon project is much 
looser and less visible. People will tend to forget about this area even 
more. And opening the scratchpad to a wider audience means more people 
and (at least) *could* result in even a bigger mess. And this is not 
because of the people but due to the nature the scratchpad code. It's 
code that is not yet ready for prime time and that usually was started 
as a one man show. It is not felt as community code therefor has a much 
higher probability to end up as dead code.

The only difference that I see is that this mess will not be inside the 
cocoon repo.

If the relation would not matter.. Why did everyone put/kept the stuff 
in scratchpad and did not move it over to cocoon-apps?

I see the scratchpad a little like a blackboard - the only thing we have 
to do is to wipe it out from time to time ;)

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