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From Torsten Curdt <>
Subject Re: [Proposal] Cocoon Sandbox ( Re: Scratchpad leases )
Date Wed, 26 Feb 2003 10:53:08 GMT
>>>> Let's KISS. Let's start with the obvious. Move the scratchpad into 
>>>> scratchpad-blocks and see what's left. We may be surprised.
>> +1

The only problem I see is that not everything is "worth" a whole block.

>> Why would anyone not interested look in the scratchpad?

Well, I bet everyone is... but as a matter of fact it is hard to keep
track - especially because scratchpad components used to have even less 
documentation ;) "how does this thingy work?"

>> Playgrounds *have* to exist.  The question is, do they happen in the
>> scratchpad or on someone's hard disk.  At least in the scratchpad, there
>> is a chance of half-baked code inspiring others, and forming a nucleus
>> for further development.
> +q

q? :)


>> I agree, there is a real problem in that scratchpad code tends to hang
>> around in limbo forever, never accepted nor rejected.
>> So how about assigning each scratchpad module a "lease"; being a
>> predefined period (say 3 months) after which the code's presence in CVS
>> must be reviewed.  When the lease expires, a vote is held, and the code
>> either becomes official, or is rejected, or has the lease renewed.
>> For every unit of alpha-quality code (block, scratchpad segment), we
>> could have a status file (as Tony Collen suggested) indicating things
>> like:
>>   - code owners (cocoon-dev is not the owner yet)
>>   - description (eg links to mailing list discussions)
>>   - lease expiry
>> Managed inclusion rather than exclusion.
> Yes, this sentence is a good explanation :-)

+1 a lease is a good idea!

> I have slept over it, and I start to feel that Stefano implies that all 
> that is in xml-cocoon2 is Cocoon... which of course is the most obvious 
> thing.
> Other projects have now decided to create a sandbox, and it works quite 
> well. It has some advantages over the scratchpad:
>  - it does not "pollute" the main repository space
>  - it does not force others to download it

+1 for a sandbox!

> The drawbacks are still present:
>  - it hides the works a bit more than with scratchpad
>  - it does not get tested as with current scratchpad

hm... as long as the build system has a good integration we shouldn't
notice any difference beside having it in a different location.

> So, does this make sense?


+1 for the sandbox

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