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From Christopher Oliver <>
Subject Re: XMLForm/Flow Integration
Date Sun, 23 Feb 2003 17:22:21 GMT
Ugo Cei wrote:
> Christopher Oliver wrote:
>> Ugo, I will shortly commit changes that will allow you to use any 
>> JavaScript object (in addition to Java beans) as the model for an 
>> XMLForm. Attached is an example of the feedbackWizard sample using a 
>> pure JavaScript model. Of course, you can also embed Java objects 
>> inside the JavaScript object. Would this solve your problem? That way 
>> you could simply make your Java bean objects (derived from your O/R 
>> layer) properties of a larger JavaScript object that serves as the 
>> presentation layer model for XMLForm. Any additional information you 
>> need could also be stored in it.
> I think this would cover all my needs in a more elegant way. I still 
> don't understand how you access the model's attributes from the view, 
> but I'm sure I'll see the light when you have committed your patches.
>     Ugo

The idea is that the form bean itself will be passed as "bizData" and so 
will be accessible also in xsp pages via "jpath:value-of".



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