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From Christopher Oliver <>
Subject Re: XMLForm/Flow Integration
Date Sun, 23 Feb 2003 01:19:26 GMT
Ugo, I will shortly commit changes that will allow you to use any 
JavaScript object (in addition to Java beans) as the model for an 
XMLForm. Attached is an example of the feedbackWizard sample using a 
pure JavaScript model. Of course, you can also embed Java objects inside 
the JavaScript object. Would this solve your problem? That way you could 
simply make your Java bean objects (derived from your O/R layer) 
properties of a larger JavaScript object that serves as the presentation 
layer model for XMLForm. Any additional information you need could also 
be stored in it.

Note to all: to make this work I will have to upgrade Cocoon to use 
JXPath 1.1b1. JXPath 1.0 has bugs that make it unusable for this 
purpose. Let me know if you think this will be a problem.



Ugo Cei wrote:
> I've attached a modified xmlform.js file that implements the following 
> change: the methods "sendView" and "finish" take an extra "bizData" 
> argument that has the same meaning as the "bizData" argument of sendPage 
> and sendPageAndWait. I need this because many of my pages contain forms 
> but also other data that is not tied to the model being edited in the form.
> Christopher, please review the proposed change, thank you.
>     Ugo

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