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From Stefano Mazzocchi <>
Subject Cocoon Project Report
Date Sun, 16 Feb 2003 22:05:59 GMT
As requested by the chairman, I send in a report of the activities 
performed by the Cocoon Project so far.

                                   - o -

The Cocoon Project is slowly starting up.

We are in the progress of establishing the voting rules (taken from 
Avalon) so that we can start the PMC.

The PMC mail list has not been setup yet. I wanted to have the voting 
rules resolved in public (means cocoon-dev) before asking 
instrastructure@ to setup the mail list.

Our policy will be to reduce traffic on to only 
those discussions that *require* privacy. Everything else will be done 
in public.

The first PMC action will be to resolve the 'recursive bylaws' issue.

The second PMC action will be to establish a policy for the potential 
use of the Cocoon name on commercial interests or cocoon-related non-ASF 
web sites.

Infrastructure-wise, we are slowly moving away from our current location into but we want to plan ahead 
the movement to reduce user damage (broken links, mail archives and 
such). Mirroring is also working even if not all links in our docs has 
been updated (we plan on doing that after the move)

Pier Fumagalli has been voted back as a Cocoon committer (after his 
renewed intention to work on cocoon and several patches submitted) and 
is helping us a lot with infrastructure issues directly, reducing the 
work on infrastructure@ directly.

At the same time, we would like to work with the other new top-level 
project to synchronize the process of writing such PMC-oriented docs and 
such. I'm peronally keeping an eye on infrastructure@ community@ and 
general@incubator for those things and cocoon and avalon are already 
sharing pieces of PMC-related work.

We are also planning to start using Forrest to build our own 
documentation, even if this will make it a circular dependency (cocoon 
depends on forrest and forrest depends on cocoon). But this is something 
the cocoon documentation team will decide with the forrest developers 
(most of which are also cocoon developers).

As far as community information, the cocoon communities appear healthy, 
active and friendly. The high-rate of users becoming committers and 
committers coming out of emerius status indicates a sane darwinistic 
environment, well matched by the fact that only individuals or 
small-sized companies perform most of Cocoon development and maintance, 
allowing the community to be in total control. Frinction rate and 
ego-oriented problems are, as usual, close to zero and I see no signs of 
problems ahead.

                                - o -

As a special note, I would like to mention how the introduction of the 
Cocoon wiki (hosted personally by Steven Noels' web site has been seen by the user community as a great tool 
and has generated very high-quality and useful documentation. The cocoon 
wiki was also patched to sends diffs to the 
mail list (the documentation team), providing ownership and oversight. 
This is seen as a very useful tool by the documentation team.

This has let us to believe that our current xml-driven documentation 
system must be improved to match the editing simplicity of a wiki-based 
solution, but without the unstructured-text problems of wiki content.

My personal vision is that Forrest should be dealing with those issues 
and Cocoon help them with the technology they need, but that a better 
documentation editing infrastructure is needed in order to allow a more 
general audience to help us with that task.

Stefano Mazzocchi - V.P. Apache Cocoon

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