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From SAXESS - Hussayn Dabbous <>
Subject Re: sample web-app too complex?
Date Wed, 12 Feb 2003 16:30:27 GMT
I heavily agree.

Just another idea going into the same direction:

Would it make sense to organise something like a
"cocoon core application" plus some zip-files, each of them
containing one complete setup for one example. So the user
could do :

1.) install cocoon
2.) drop his favorite example zip into a dedicated
     location inside cocoon (e.g. $cocoonroot/testscenarios)
3.) test it
4.) delete it if not used anymore

what would be needed to get this done?

1.) basically add a fresh mountpoint to rootsitemap and enshure, that
     the subdirectory $cocoonroot/testscenarios) exists. Alternatively
     cleanup $cocoonroot/mount and use this for the testscenarios. It's
     already there ....
2.) Each test scenario gets it's own subdir in the test scenario
     mountpoint. By this the user could unzip the testapp into the
     scenario folder, test it and delete the folder, if not used
     anymore. Also this can be aranged without big problems.

If the testscenarios would be built in their own folder hierarchies,
everything would be a matter of zipping the folder, putting the zipfile
to a download location and youre done. The user grabs the zip, unzips it
and is done...

would do you think ?

regards, hussayn

Michael Melhem wrote:
> On Mon, Feb 03, 2003 at 02:06:18PM +0100, Christian Haul wrote:
>>On 03.Feb.2003 -- 01:33 PM, Michael Melhem wrote:
>>>Hi Cocooners,
>>>I know that we probably have had this discussion before, but is there a
>>>reason why we dont have simple "Hello-World" sample web-app along side
>>>the current sample web-app? (or does there already exist an independent
>>>"hello-world" web-app that Im not aware of?)
>>>I have been trying to encourage some people I know to adopt Cocoon
>>>in their organisations, but it seems to me that many new people are
>>>daunted by the complexity of the sample web-app.  It might not seem so
>>>difficult for most of us (who use cocoon everyday) but this is not the
>>>case for most new users.
>>Michael, I'm not quite sure if I understand this "simple webapp"
>>proposal correctly. We do have a "clean-webapp" target which AFAIR
>>builds a webapp without samples or documentation.
> Hi Christian, I was actually thinking that we could provide a new 
> build target that would build a hello-world.war and would contain 
> only one or two simple samples.
> The object of this hello-world.war would be demonstrate the basic
> features/ideas behind Cocoon without getting bogged down on details. 
> Just something simple with extra documentation so that newbies can get 
> ther handes dirty real quick.
> So instead of having X number of generators|transformers|serializers
> being declared in the components section, we would have one or two
> of each which would make things much easier to follow. We would also
> have only one or two pipelines using say a basic file generator
> to transform an xml file to HTML etc. I think at a minimum the webapp
> would aslo need to show basic use of actions views..
> With the current complexity of the webapp Im afraid that perhaps a lot 
> of new users might not be able to see the "forrest for the trees".
> Does anyone else see value in this?
>>The other issue is the current samples we ship. A lot lives in a
>>single sitemap file which is not really encouraging to try to
>>understand what happens in there. Perhaps, we could all adopt some
>>samples and split this monster into several sub sitemaps that contain
>>just the parts for this particular sample. Have a look at the current
>>database block samples to see what I mean.
> Yes I agree with you here, the current webapp could itself be
> simplified.
> Regards,
> Michael
>>	Chris.
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