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From Miles Elam <>
Subject [OT] Re: [TIPS] Basic configurations of Apache 2.0 for Cocoon 2
Date Thu, 06 Feb 2003 01:39:12 GMT
Here's a question for all you HTTPd heads out there.  ;-)

Is it possible now or reasonably straightforward to have HTTPd look for 
a static file and, upon failure, look up a fallback resource?  For 
example, if a user requests "/images/foo.png", HTTPd would look up the 
file on the filesystem.  If the file wasn't there, it would pass it to 
the servlet engine (or whatever dynamic process available).  Hell, even 
better: "/images/foo" that invokes HTTPd's content negotiation and then 
checks the dynamic pool(s).

It's got filters now to pass the output of one module to the input of 
another, but what about a process similar to nested try/catch blocks?  
The first, most efficient method fails, fall back to the next, and the 

- Miles

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