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From SAXESS - Hussayn Dabbous <>
Subject Re: sample web-app too complex?
Date Mon, 03 Feb 2003 13:44:23 GMT
Hy, Michael, Bertrand;

I had the idea to create a simple webapp, that already is
complete in the sense that it does something "real". So the
user could simply take it, create some content, then fiddle
around with whatever (sitemap, stylesheets and so on) to see
the effects.

This webapp could be accompanied with a tutorial, that introduces
the different peaces of the webapp in detail.

A new user could either take the tutorial and create this webapp
from scratch, or just grab a zip, unpack it and start from there.
This webapp could find its place in the Wiki "building your
first webapp in one day"... In fact o thought of simply giving
away the infrastructure of my own website (about 5 files in total),
which is really simple enough, yet usefull and productive ...

Of course the webapp could already be included in the
cocoon distrib, but i have all people in mind, who want
to play with the current released versions and just get something
reasonable to work in no time ...

Any commetns on that ?

regards, hussayn

Bertrand Delacretaz wrote:
> Hi Michael,
>> I know that we probably have had this discussion before, but is there a
>> reason why we dont have simple "Hello-World" sample web-app along side
>> the current sample web-app? (or does there already exist an independent
>> "hello-world" web-app that Im not aware of?)
> I agree, a minimal sample webapp, that can be studied independently of 
> the existing ones, would be useful.
> Are you thinking about a CRUD (Create-Retrieve-Update-Delete) webapp 
> with database stuff, or something "read-only" where various formats are 
> published from a small set of simple XML files?
> -Bertrand
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