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From Santiago Gala <>
Subject Re: [FLOW] Thank you...
Date Sat, 01 Feb 2003 10:09:39 GMT
Stefano Mazzocchi wrote:
>> AFAIK Saint Ovidiu Predescu :-D
>> He had started it in a strange freaky language with continuations....
>> We didn't understand what he was doing, but he seemed so passionate 
>> about it that we could not get together the courage to stop him. 
> No way, I do remember having to keep pushing people aside to give Ovidiu 
> room to breath when people were freaking out of Scheme's parenthesis and 
> I was probably only one of the two who got the concept and believed in it.
>> Then somehow he finally understood that Javascript could be the key to 
>> opening the vault of knowledge to mortals, and finally we understood!
> He understood because I told him explicitly that scheme would never be 
> used no matter how great the concept was.
> then he found rhyno+continuations and the rest is history.
>> Great respect for brother Ovidiu :-)
> And brother Christopher who added continuations to Rhyno.
> Kudos to both of you!

I need to join the thread to thank you both for such a powerful construct.

Continuations have been a exotic component in computing languages 
(except for Scheme, I never saw the concept in 20+ years). I'm quite 
sure that, after Cocoon2.x spreads more, they will be fashionable in 
other languages.

While I knew them (I have used "Structure and interpretation of computer 
programs" to improve my programming back 
in last century ;-) ) I never thought that they could be used to freeze 
the state of a web application in such a clean way.

And I never thought that JavaScript could be made "to be continued..." ;-)


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