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From Bernhard Huber <>
Subject Enhancing contrib.xml doc, was : Re: [ANNONUNCEMENT] ChartTransformer 0.0.4 released
Date Sat, 01 Feb 2003 08:56:11 GMT
>> any way,
>> as a result of all this discussion, we shall update the contrib.xml
>> document page.
>> contrib.xml states:
>> Source code files must be under the Apache license and must have 
>> copyright assigned to the Apache Software Foundation.
>> Shall we add a further item:
>> Source code files are not allowed to import (L)GPL-ed licensed
>> source code, or classes from (L)GPL-ed licensed jars.
>> as i'm not a laywer i'm not 100% sure if the suggestion above is correct,
>> but we shall detail the contribution process to help people to understand
>> why/why not a contribution is legal okay, or must be rejected due to 
>> legal considerations.
> The above wording is too rude and might be misleading.
> I would say something like this
>                                - o -
> Please understand that the recursive nature of the GPL license makes it 
> impossible for any Apache licenced code to link to GPL code because the 
> GPL doesn't protect the Apache brands (so it wouldn't comply to the 
> Apache License requirements) and doesn't allow other licenses to further 
> restrict the freedom the GPL gives.
> For LGPL licensed code, it would seem to be fair to link to it, but 
> given the nature of the Java language, there is no way to tell where the 
> 'library' stops and where your program starts.
> To avoid potential legal troubles, the Cocoon project, according to a 
> ASF-wide policy created by the Apache Licensing Committee, prefers to 
> avoid hosting and distributing any code that links to LGPL code because 
> that might force the entire code to be released as LGPL, thus 
> conflicting with the Apache license requirements of brand protection.
> Also note that moch classes and interfaces don't solve the issue since 
> they could be considered a derivative work of the LGPL library, thus 
> would need to be LGPL-ed as well.
>                                 - o -
> What do you think?
well said, i will add it to the Cocoon contrib.xml page.

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