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From Martin Holz <>
Subject Re: Chaperon samples in Cocoon
Date Tue, 18 Feb 2003 08:10:34 GMT
David Crossley <> writes:

> Thanks Stephan for fixing my attempt to develop a basic
> Chaperon sample. That is much better.
> I noticed that you also changed the pipeline for
> generating the *.xlex and *.xgrm to be "internal-only".
> As i said in the Sourceforge posting, this was actually
> a useful tool for helping to develop the grammars, by
> starting with a text grammar and then calling the URIs
> for localhost:8080/cocoon/samples/chaperon/quote.xlex
> and .../quote.xgrm to ensure that the grammar was okay.
> However, now that cannot be done because the pipeline
> is "internal-only". Is there any real need? Could it
> remain exposed?

There is no real need. However I would suggest to make it public 
during early development and change it to internal for final testing
and production.
Be careful about exposing pipelines, which are not meant for the end user.
You may reveal information, which is not meant to leave the house. Also 
it might be easier  to hack your server and your users may depend on
information, which you consider implementation details.

One a related question. Is there are easy way to temporary 
disable views, so you could get them back, if you need to
do some debugging?  


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