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From Bill Barnhill <>
Subject RT: Further integration with Avalon?
Date Mon, 24 Feb 2003 17:26:45 GMT

FYI: my setup may be a little different: Sevak-Jetty
running out of Phoenix container, with Sevak hacked a
little so that it loads all webapps in /opt/webapps
(or whatever value of web-apps-dir is in config.xml
file). I then set my build.webapp (I think its the
right property?) dir to /opt/webapps/cocoon .

Is anyone else travelling this road as well? If so I'd
like to hear about what you've found. 

Eventually I would like to be able to :
1. Create a .sar file that packages one or more Cocoon
2. Deploy that .sar file by dropping it into
3. On the .sar's deployment have it publish a
4. Have A Cocoon.sar (based on Sevak) look for on
startup, and listen for during the lifecycle,
instances of CocoonBlockService and integrate the
represented block within Cocoon.
5. Add a 'sar' target to builds the sar file in the
'build.sar'  location (set in
and possibly defaulting to $PHOENIX/apps if $PHOENIX
is not null).

I'd love to hear thoughts from people more experienced
with Avalon and/or Cocoon (just about everybody right
now) on whether this is 
a) Has been done before
b) a 'bad thing' and why
c) a 'good thing' and suggestions on how to go about

Bill Barnhill

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