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From Bill Barnhill <>
Subject Re: [proposal] aiming to a naked cocoon
Date Wed, 12 Feb 2003 14:02:06 GMT
Thank you for the URL, I hadn't seen a reference to it
yet, and for the re-work suggestion.  

I may do some more work on my own before re-submitting
the proposal with a first cut to demonstrate what I'm
talking about, as I've already got the source code
separated into a set of ccblock-core-* dirs and a set
of ccblock-opt-* dirs, each dir representing a
separate build component and a deliverable versioned
jar. I've started a dependency graph between the
blocks and will use that to determine dependency jars
for each block.  

I also should familiarize myself more with the current
Cocoon build system.

Thank you for responding,
Bill Barnhill

--- Bertrand Delacretaz <>
> Le Mercredi, 12 fév 2003, à 13:57 Europe/Zurich,
> Bill Barnhill a écrit :
> > ...Also if I've posted in the wrong way somehow
> then
> > point me to a url with a project mailing list
> > etiquette guide, or tell me what I did wrong.
> Assuming you refer to 
> I 
> don't think you did anything wrong, but sometimes
> messages get lost in 
> the flow...
> I don't know enough about the current build system's
> shortcomings to 
> give meaningful advice about a possible move to
> Maven, but you might 
> want to restate your intention in a message titled
> "[proposal] using 
> Maven for the build system" or something like this,
> to make it more 
> visible and hopefully trigger a discussion.
> --
>    Bertrand Delacretaz (,
>    XML, java, XSLT, Cocoon, FOP,
> mentoring/programming/teaching
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