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From Andreas Hochsteger <>
Subject Re: [PROPOSAL] Cocoon Science Fiction
Date Tue, 11 Feb 2003 06:23:41 GMT
Hi Niclas!

On Tuesday 11 February 2003 3:23, Niclas Hedhman wrote:
> Now, I have read your entire RT, and I must agree with Stefano (he is the
> FS sniffer around here ;o) ). +1 on the FS Award. Don't feel humiliated,
> most people have problems with FS and SoC (Separation of Concerns).

Okay, I respect, that you and Stefano think, that this something which should 
not be done in Cocoon, although I can't share your opinions in every case.

> You find that Cocoon sitemaps are useful for other types of piped
> processing. Fine. IMHO, it would be more suitable to bring the Sitemap to
> other "projects", than bring other "projects" to Cocoon.

Perhaps a separate project, which does pipeline processing on various data 
formats and using Cocoon for the XML part will do it?
I'll investigate that.

> It is probably easier to "convince" Stefano and others (me for instance) to
> "expose" an official sitemap API, which can be incorporated into other
> projects, the types you mention for instance.

This sounds not bad IMHO.
There would profit other projects too, which already use something like a 
sitemap (e.g. Popoon, although not all are written in Java).

> However, I like the notion that there are "typing information" (of
> DTD/Schema) for block's inputs and outputs, so at least the configuration
> tools (not the sitemap in runtime, that's just waste of CPU resources) can
> validate the "pluggability" between blocks.
> The exact mechanism for this is a lot harder, because it needs to be simple
> and non-intrusive. Also, until there are blocks and some more solid
> configuration tools, this is less important than, for instance, flows, and
> can wait.

As I already said to Stefano, I didn't assume, that every piece of my proposal 
will be accepted without discussion. This is very unlikely, since I don't 
have that much experience in Cocoon and XML yet. But if some of my ideas can 
contribute to the development of Cocoon, than I'm already very happy.

> Niclas



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