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From Matt Sergeant <>
Subject Re: [OT rant] there must be some way out of here...
Date Thu, 06 Feb 2003 07:46:07 GMT
On Wednesday, Feb 5, 2003, at 21:45 Europe/London, Miles Elam wrote:

> Pier answered my question with a lot of great information such as 
> multi-process robustness, fall-back error pages when/if a JVM goes 
> down, etc.  However, I noticed one hole in the setup he proposed: URI 
> permanence.  You'll note that he created a "/static/" mapping for 
> content that Apache should serve raw instead of passing the request to 
> a servlet engine.  What does "/static/" do but tie your implementation 
> to your URI -- precisely the type of thing Cocoon 2 was made to avoid. 
>  What does the fact that I have a picture of a train crossing have to 
> do with "/static/images/traincrossing.jpg"?  I might as well have a 
> URI like "/images.php?name=traincrossing".

You've got this all wrong. Apache has much better support for URL 
permanence than you're giving it credit for. This is why the AxKit 
project hasn't felt the need to implement a full blown sitemap - 
because Apache does it for us.

> When it comes down to it, I'm trying to wrap my head around an optimum 
> solution and not the optimum solution with HTTPd, Tomcat, or even 
> Java.  If HTTPd (with its robustness) had an expressive sitemap, I 
> would be singing in the streets right now.

It does - you just haven't looked into it (or maybe its not very well 
documented. Either way that doesn't mean its not there).


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