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From "Timothy Larson" <>
Subject Re: [BUGS] cocoon 2.0.4 map:redirect-to
Date Tue, 07 Jan 2003 21:48:11 GMT
Hello Joerg,

I say we have a bug because of loss of functionality.

If <map:call.../> is for internal redirects and
<map:redirect-to.../> is for client-side redirects,
then can we at least have <map:call uri="cocoon:/some-uri"/>
for internal redirects to uri's?

Client-side redirect to uri: <map:redirect-to uri=""/>
(Removed in 2.0.4) Internal redirect to uri: <map:redirect-to "cocoon:/..."/>
(Proposed)Internal redirect to uri: <map:call uri="cocoon:/..."/>
Internal redirect to resource: <map:call resource=""/>
Backward-compatible internal redirect to resource <map:redirect-to resource=""/>


PS: My problem with the web page was just spelling.
"map:redirect" should have been spelled "map:redirect-to".

>>> 01/07/03 03:29PM >>>
Hello Tim, hello Peter,

I still think it's not a bug, it's only a clarification or rectification 
of the behaviour of Cocoon. There is now a <map:redirect-to uri=""/> for 
client side redirects and a <map:call resource=""/> for internal 
redirects. The documentation 
( states 
this unequivocal:

1. Paragraph "Redirecting":

Redirecting forwards the the request. You may externally send an 
redirect response to the client. The behaviour is controlled by using 
the approriate attributes of the element redirect-to. ...

(I don't know why <map:redirect-to resource=""/> still works. Backward 

2. Paragraph "Calling resources":

Calling resources is dissimilar to redirects as the client does not 
notice this.

3. Paragraph "Protocols":

In the sitemap, you can use all protocols nearly everywhere (except for 
in map:redirect).

So what's wrong with it besides that <map:redirect-to resource=""/> 
still works? Maybe there is a difference in behaviour between the tree 
processor and the old sitemap system using XSL and Java compiling (How 
do you call this?). Can Sylvain say something on this point (his name is 
in the tree processor classes)? Or does anybody else know something more?



Timothy Larson wrote:
> Status of redirects in Cocoon-2.0.4:
>    Does work:
>       Client side redirect:
>          <map:redirect-to uri="sample.html"/>
>       Internal redirect with underscore in resource name:
>          <map:redirect-to resource="sample_html"/>
>    Does NOT work:
>       Internal redirect with cocoon:/ protocol (used to work in 2.0.2/2.0.3):
>          <map:redirect-to uri="cocoon:/sample.html"/>
>       Internal redirect with period in resource name  (doubt it ever worked):
>          <map:redirect-to resource="sample.html"/>
> As a side note, says
> "map:redirect" where it should say "map:redirect-to":
>    Protocols
>       In the sitemap, you can use all protocols nearly everywhere (except for in map:redirect).

> How can I help get these fixed?
> Tim

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