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From "Luca Morandini" <>
Subject RE: Why not LGPL? (Was: Re: ChartTransformer 0.0.4 urge a commiter!)
Date Sun, 26 Jan 2003 23:35:54 GMT
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> From: Pier Fumagalli []
> Sent: Sunday, January 26, 2003 8:58 PM
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> Subject: Why not LGPL? (Was: Re: ChartTransformer 0.0.4 urge a
> commiter!)

> Soooo, I'd say, if you see the word GPL  somewhere (with or without the
> leading L) my answer is usually no, because now or in the future it
> could/will create problems...


your point is very clear and I cannot agree more... but it begs the question: does this precaution
extend to libraries that are not
included in the codebase ?

I mean, Cocoon already has some components relying on non-ASL libraries (like the SAP ones
or the JDBC drivers); had these libraries
to change, ASF wouldn't be able to fork them, hence resorting to change the Cocoon components,
which is what was to be avoided in
the first place.

This underlines, I fear, a more general problem: to make Cocoon more powerful it has to interface
to as many software packages as
possible, which means it will, in some ways, come to depend on them.

As a long-time Cocoon user, I dare to say: the gain is worth the risk !

Getting back to the point: in the case of JFreeChartTransformer the idea would be to treat
it like the SAP components: put the
transformer in the codebase and leave the non-ASL library out.

Does it sound too risky a strategy ?

My 1.2c (after tax)


               Luca Morandini
               GIS Consultant

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