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From Jeremy Quinn <>
Subject Re: [OT] you tried xmlMind?
Date Thu, 16 Jan 2003 10:25:57 GMT

On Wednesday, Jan 15, 2003, at 20:56 Europe/London, Bernhard Huber 

> hi,
>> I have been waiting a long time to be able to work like this!
>> These types of editors are becoming a reality.
> I downloaded the standard edition, and managed to make
> it handle document-v10 cocoon documents.

Ah cool.

> I'm impressed!
> And the spellchecker is quite helpful.

Hee hee! ;)

> Any interests in these xxe config files for document-v10
> document typs?
> Contributing to the cocoon src/resources/dev/xxe directory of Cocoon?

You are taking this a bit further than I expected, though I think it is 
a interesting idea. What worries me is the issue of having to use the default namespace in your documents, if you want to use the 
free version. Do we want to start distributing documents in a alien 
namespace with cocoon, considering xmlmind is not OS etc.?

>> Maybe we should start contributing XSD etc. Schemas for the different 
>> Cocoon document namespaces, like SQLTransformer, 
>> SourceWritingTransformer etc. we are going to start needing them for 
>> editors ;)
> hmm, good idea...

Well, I expect to be writing xsd for the SQLTransformer's tagset, so I 
can contribute that if there is interest.

> thanks for the hint!

my pleasure!

regards Jeremy

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