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From "Geoff Howard" <>
Subject RE: FileUpload in mod-db / HttpRequest.getParameter()
Date Fri, 24 Jan 2003 16:25:33 GMT
> On second thought, FilePartArray vs FilePartFile shouldn't matter
> - the code
> is looking for the superclass FilePart and is only using getSize() and
> getInputStream().  I can't find where the action is getting the parameter,
> probably because of the input module abstraction.

Ok, I think I have it (thanks to eclipse which made finding the exact right
lines of code almost effortless - so far it's worth every penny!).

o.a.c.components.modules.input.RequestParameterModule line 80:

public Object getAttribute( String name, Configuration modeConf, Map
objectModel ) throws ConfigurationException {

        String pname = name;
        if ( modeConf != null ) {
            pname = modeConf.getAttribute( "parameter", pname );
        return ObjectModelHelper.getRequest(objectModel).getParameter(
pname );

Shouldn't that use:

	return ObjectModelHelper.getRequest(objectModel).get( pname ); ?

getParameter() returns String - get() returns Object.

I haven't managed to get output from JDBCTypeConversions yet (no logger
available and System.out is not showing up in the console - or it's never
getting to the lines I've done the poorman's debug).  But, I'd be willing to
bet that for whatever reason, I'm getting a FilePartFile and the toString is
giving a usable system id somewhere and that's causing it to work by
accident?  I haven't done debug tracing with eclipse yet - maybe it's time
to learn.

> Normally, one does a org.apache.cocoon.environment.Request.get() on the
> parameter name which gets a (FilePart)Object.  I'm not clear enough on
> InputModule internals to know what it's doing.>

Still not real deep on the InputModule internals - is it using
RequestParameterModule as I've guessed??


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