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From "Geoff Howard" <>
Subject RE: FileUpload in mod-db / HttpRequest.getParameter()
Date Fri, 24 Jan 2003 17:38:35 GMT
excellent - so it works for you now with that change?

> > I haven't managed to get output from JDBCTypeConversions yet (no logger
> > available and System.out is not showing up in the console - or
> it's never
> > getting to the lines I've done the poorman's debug).  But, I'd
> be willing to
> Yep, for reasons unknown to me, some debug messages never show
> up. E.g. I have a case where methods of the super class are logged but
> the subclass's are not :-|

In this case it was because it was never hitting any of the debug statements
because it was a String object already - I eventually got it.

> Would eclipse lie to you? ;-)

I don't trust it that implicitly - yet!  It's either going to make me lazy
or help me learn faster.  Of course, esql and the mod-db actions are going
to make me forget java!

> I'm glad this is sorted out and I'm really happy with your new sample.
> Thanks again!

Me too - pretty impressive to populate blobs from uploads and read them back
out with zero lines of code!  (and not that many behind the scenes).

Thanks for your help and your challenge.


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