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From Pier Fumagalli <>
Subject Re: Sources and XSPs - broken?
Date Fri, 31 Jan 2003 14:23:29 GMT
"Vadim Gritsenko" <> wrote:

>>> It's a problem (again) with Jetty 4.2.6... I sent a small patch to the list
>>> last week which fixes it! :-)
> Come again? How's source resolver depends on Jetty? :-/

Sorry, I shouldn't be reading email right when I wake up :-)

I read "samples" and XSP, not "sources" and XSP... The samples are not
working with Jetty because of a bug in their redirection code:

Basically, if you redirect from a URI (let's say) "/samples/" to a relative
"welcome" page, it'll come out redirecting you to "/welcome" because it
evaluates the "parent" of "/samples/" in the same way in which "/samples" is

>> How about, if I were to put in CVS a unreleased and not-even-in-Jetty's-CVS
>> Jetty JAR but which works? Anyone -1 on it?
> I'm not. Provided patch makes into Jetty someday.

I hope so... That's why I'm hesitant to put the Jar in... It fixes the
problem, but Greg still didn't apply it in CVS (and I didn't have any reply
from him)...


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