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From Pier Fumagalli <>
Subject [Proposal] Complete Cocoon 2.1 distribution...
Date Mon, 20 Jan 2003 01:14:54 GMT
    I've been playing around lately with Jetty and Cocoon, and came out with
the idea of possibly distributing the two together...

Basically what I did is a some sort of "minimal" server distribution
including Jetty as a container, and Cocoon as the only configured servlet.

The "cute" thing about this is that I was able to completely remove the
"web-inf" directory, and the "web.xml" file, having basically Cocoon
"hardwired" straight into the HTTP stack.

I believe that in some cases (where the Cocoon WAR is the only
web-application on a server) this might be somehow advantageous, and Jetty
is somehow faster than Tomcat...

There is only a very minimal patch that need to be applied to the
CocoonServlet to make it work, the ability to find logkit.xconf and
cocoon.xconf straight from a file in addition to the use of the servlet
context "getResource()" method...

All the rest works pretty much as is...

Is anyone else interested in this???


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