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From "Stephen Burns" <>
Subject RE: Forcing a logout from an Application...
Date Tue, 21 Jan 2003 03:23:50 GMT
Not quite.  I need both the ability to allow a user to logout of each
individual application. And allow the framework to perform a logout and
re-login transparently when a specific message has returned from one of
the applications, e.g. a timeout, not logged in etc.
A user has logged into our system, various generic info has been loaded
into the session via the main handler, e.g. login credentials for each
service they are permitted to use.  The user can now access individual
services (applications) each of which has their own login info, session
timeouts etc.  (This login will happen automatically through the load
uri call, which references an internal sitemap; this calls the web
service with login credentials and returns various permissions on
Unknown to the user one of these services has had to be rebooted
quickly.  Currently, they would need to logout from the main system
again, and repeat the process. Instead of picking up on a message, based
on this message telling the framework to mark that application as not
loaded, and then allow the framework to perform the login again

	<handler name="MainHandler">
	<redirect-to uri="cocoon:/login"/>
	<authentication uri="cocoon:raw:/authenticate"/>
		<application name="WebService1" loadondemand="true">
			<load uri="cocoon:/login-WebService1"/>
		<application name="WebService2" loadondemand="true">
			<load uri="cocoon:/login-WebService2"/>
		<application name="WebService3" loadondemand="true">
			<load uri="cocoon:/login-WebService3"/>

-----Original Message-----
From: Antonio Gallardo [] 
Sent: Monday, 20 January 2003 5:41 PM
Subject: Re: Forcing a logout from an Application...


I think you can use Javascript to set a timer that will refresh the
connection before the session expire.

Can this be your solution?

Antonio Gallardo.

Stephen Burns dijo:
> When using the (sunrise) authentication framework with applications,
> there any way to force a logout of an individual application?
> We have a system set up that uses one handler and x number of
> applications.  The user is logged in to each application on demand.
> However, each of the applications have different timeouts (they are
> external web services) and a user can become logged out from an
> individual application.  We would like to automatically log the user
> back into the application when this occurs.
> Ive checked the source, and I think that by setting setIsLoaded(false)
> in the relevant Applicationhandler may force the framework to log in
> again.  However the AuthenticationManager will not allow me to get
> access to the relevant object.
> Thanks in advance.
> Stephen Burns

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