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From "Nathaniel Alfred" <>
Subject RE: [BUGS] cocoon 2.0.4 map:redirect-to
Date Wed, 08 Jan 2003 15:09:35 GMT
AFAIK, internal redirect is only implemented for the interpreted sitemap
and 2.0.x uses the compiled sitemap by default.

>From for 2.0.3:

	Handle request forwarding (aka internal redirects) using the
"cocoon:" pseudo-protocol : writing <map:redirect-to
uri="cocoon:/"/> makes a recursive call on the current sitemap
without going back to the browser (as usual, "cocoon://" uses the
root sitemap). This also keeps any data that have been stored as request
attributes. Note: this is only available in the interpreted sitemap
engine for now, and will come soon on the compiled engine. (SW) 

You need to dig into cocoon.xconf to change the <sitemap> configuration.
(I tried that with 2.0.3 but had then other problems like inheritance in
subsitemaps not working.
Since then I am staying an 2.1dev where the treeprocessor is the default
and working fine.)

HTH, Alfred.

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From: Timothy Larson []
Sent: Dienstag, 7. Januar 2003 22:48
Subject: Re: [BUGS] cocoon 2.0.4 map:redirect-to

Hello Joerg,

I say we have a bug because of loss of functionality.

If <map:call.../> is for internal redirects and
<map:redirect-to.../> is for client-side redirects,
then can we at least have <map:call uri="cocoon:/some-uri"/>
for internal redirects to uri's?

Client-side redirect to uri: <map:redirect-to uri=""/>
(Removed in 2.0.4) Internal redirect to uri: <map:redirect-to
(Proposed)Internal redirect to uri: <map:call uri="cocoon:/..."/>
Internal redirect to resource: <map:call resource=""/>
Backward-compatible internal redirect to resource <map:redirect-to


PS: My problem with the web page was just spelling.
"map:redirect" should have been spelled "map:redirect-to".

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