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From Jeremy Quinn <>
Subject input module question
Date Tue, 28 Jan 2003 12:58:52 GMT
Hi All,

I am interested in seeing whether Input Modules in the Sitemap can use 
Sitemap params as their own params.

I am looking at all the different ways to solve a problem .... before 
we choose a solution

Say I have a set of urls:


Which result in modifications to an SQL Query:

	WHERE surname LIKE 'A%' OR 'B%' OR 'C%'
	WHERE surname LIKE 'W%' OR 'X%' OR 'Y%' OR 'Z%'

Say I had an XML file, used by the XMLFileModule (mapped to 
'alphabet'), that mapped each (allowed) letter group to the query 
modification it needed, then this could be passed by the sitemap to the 
SQLTransformer via a map:parameter into a <substitute-value 

But is this possible?

<map:match pattern="archive/(.*)/([A-Z]*)$" type="regexp">
   <map:generate src="{our:content}/archive/{1}.xml"/>
   <map:transform type="sql">
     <map:parameter name="alphabet" value="{alphabet:{2}}"/>
   </map:transform>                                  ^^^      ????????

Is this possible to do?

This is just one solution I am looking at ..... but thanks for any help 
anyway ....

regards Jeremy

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