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From Bernhard Huber <>
Subject Re: [ANNONUNCEMENT] ChartTransformer 0.0.4 released
Date Wed, 29 Jan 2003 00:21:44 GMT

Stefano Mazzocchi wrote:
> Luca Morandini wrote:
>> Antonio,
>> thanks for your appreciation.
>> We'd like to insert it into the next release of Cocoon, but we're not 
>> committers :(   moreover, JFreeChart is (L)PGL.
>> In fairness though, I think licensing is not much of a problem, since 
>> (L)PGL is, more or less, equivalent to ASL and we could easily
>> provide some mock classes to prevent breaking the build, even in 
>> absence of the JFreeChart JARs.
> Unfortunately, this is not the case. Those mock classes will have to be 
> LGPL-ed as well and we won't be able to ship them with our stuff anyway 
> (because of ASF policies)
> LGPL was written for C code. Java, being highly dynamic, doesn't really 
> distringuish between what is a library and what is your code. And the 
> FSF likes it to be that way since they don't like java (being a non-free 
> language from their point of view)
> One day we'll have cocoon blocks and these problems will be solved but 
> for now, we won't ship xGPL classes from official ASF distributions.
i didn't thought that mocking classes has to be LGPL-ed too.

any way,
as a result of all this discussion, we shall update the contrib.xml
document page.

contrib.xml states:
Source code files must be under the Apache license and must have 
copyright assigned to the Apache Software Foundation.

Shall we add a further item:
Source code files are not allowed to import (L)GPL-ed licensed
source code, or classes from (L)GPL-ed licensed jars.

as i'm not a laywer i'm not 100% sure if the suggestion above is correct,
but we shall detail the contribution process to help people to understand
why/why not a contribution is legal okay, or must be rejected due to 
legal considerations.

regards bernhard

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