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From Torsten Curdt <>
Subject Re: ChartTransformer 0.0.4 urge a commiter!
Date Sun, 26 Jan 2003 17:42:34 GMT
I have no idea how much you guys realy tried to work things out before 
starting the new transformer - so I am out on this.

Do you really think there is no way merging the both - or do you think 
it's not worth the effort? Have you had a look into the latest wings 
stuff - not yet in CVS?

All I can say is that if it's just a drop-off of a project you could 
_offer_ it to the community but then there is no reason to _urge_ 
someone to include your code.

I personally would really appreciate the offer - but dislike the urge.
...that's a matter of attitude. Although I bet it has been meant as offer.

>>Anyway I am having the feeling this hot discussion somehow got into the
>>wrong direction - please don't let this "my code" story from avalon
>>happen here... *PLEASE*
> Got the message :(  In all fairness, I must say I'm starting to take it personal... long as you don't want to really have this "my code" attitude 
there is nothing much to take personal on the above statement;)

>>Better let's start the discussion about a better build system which
>>downloads blocks as they are needed. So we don't have to carry those
>>thousand jar in our distribution and we are able to include
>>components/blocks from sources other than our CVS just by adding a URL.
> I agree completely.

excellent :)

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