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From Steven Noels <>
Subject Re: Donated stuff [WAS: RE: ChartTransformer 0.0.4 urge a commiter!]
Date Sat, 25 Jan 2003 14:57:25 GMT
Luca Morandini wrote:

> So, IMHO, the community should welcome donations, as long as they
> come with no string attached and fit into the general vision.

Sure, but you are stating it a bit twisted yourself what the reasons are 
behind a donation ;-)

> Regards,
> P.S. A big kiss to you as well, provided you shaved this morning ;)
> ...hmmm, let downsize it to a bear hug ;)

Yummy :-)

Just to put things in perspective: why don't we (Outerthought) try to 
donate xreporter to Cocoon? Because it feels wrong right now, having 
done all development in-house and such. But we explicitely added a 
clause to the license stating that it might eventually be donated to a 
larger open source body.

I hope there's more sense in my long reply than the 'loath' thing. That 
was a bold thing to say, and sorry of it offended anyone.

Steven Noels                  
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