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From Torsten Curdt <>
Date Fri, 24 Jan 2003 11:12:40 GMT
> gosh, do you people realize this chronological aggregation starts to 
> exhibit statistical value?
> oh no, I'm entering wild-mode, aggghhhhh
> I wonder what the cross-correlation of this information with agora's 
> density could do... hmmmm...
> Excuse my off-topic-ness, but I have my personal theory on this: what if 
> deep brain structures *do* depent on what time of the year a child is born?
> the ancient civilizations thought of astronomical influences but we now 
> know that's bullshit because they didn't know (much) about equinox 
> precession (which happens in thousands of years)
> but what if brain structures are influenced by the ormonal (or other 
> inner-body) changes in the mother caused by different cyrcadian cycles 
> in different stages of fetus development?
> oh, wait, that means that data has the same statistical value only on 
> the same latitude (where cyrcadian cycles have the same length)....
> hmmmm

That is definitly wild! ;)

...but it definitly _is_ interesting how the distribution of comitter 
birthdays looks like ;)

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