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From "Upayavira" <>
Subject Cocoon bean progress
Date Tue, 14 Jan 2003 22:16:02 GMT
Dear All,

I have now created my CocoonBean [which is a programmatic interface to Cocoon, 
allowing pages to be requested from Cocoon by any Java application], the code for it 
is currently in Bugzilla (bug 15748). I'd appreciate any comments upon what I've done 
so far.

The significant changes since last time are to do with the number of times Cocoon 
generates a single page. The current command line will generate every page three 
times, once to get its mime type, once to get its list of links, and once to get the actual

content. Even if followLinks is set to false, it will still request the links. Even if all

pages being requested have appropriate file extensions, the mime type is still 

Therefore, I have changed the code for the bean so that, if followLinks is false, the list

of links is not generated. Also, I have added a setConfirmExtensions() method which 
allows the user to prevent the mime type being tested, and thus the page being 
corrected with the appropriate new extension. If this method is used, it is up to the 
user to ensure that all pages have the appropriate filename extensions.

Whilst this is not the best solution to the problem of triplicate page generation, it does

make it possible, in certain scenarios, to reduce the number of times a page is 

As to further development, here are some of my ideas that I'd like to implement at 
some point:

* HTTPDestination (using POST) & EmailDestination
* Refactoring of core bean code, as it is not currently very clear
* Convert Destination classes to use WritableSources
* Make Destination objects into Avalon components
* Logging functionality: record each page that is generated
* multithreaded page generation
* page caching: only re-generate changed pages

But for the meantime I plan to get on with developing a 'bean-app' (see other 

I look forward to hearing your comments.



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