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From Mats Norén <>
Subject Flow-questions
Date Tue, 14 Jan 2003 10:39:37 GMT
I´ve been looking at the code for the flow layer and I have a couple of 

Is there any way for me to get access to the component-manager within 
the flow layer?

We´ve developed a persistence-manager based on Jakarta-OJB, which by the 
way is a great product, and now we would like to use it from the flow layer.
It´s avalon-based and therefore there weren´t any problems deploying it 
in the cocoon.xconf and cocoon.roles.
BUT we don´t want our business-components in the cocoon core.
So we need another solution... :(
Come to think of it, what I would really like is some functionality for 
registring avalon-components to the current scope of a flow-application.
This shouldn´t necessarily be the cocoon-componentmanager but instead a
componentmanager for business-objects.
The BCM can be instantiated in the JavaScriptInterpreter maybe and 
registered to the scope.

Is there a better way of tying in our businessobjects into C2?

It seems to me that this kind of functionality is somewhat out of the 
current scope of C2 but I would be very interested in the views of the 
developer community on how this integration could/should be done in a 
"buzzword compliant" fashion ;)

Regards Mats

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