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From Jens Lorenz <>
Subject Re: Defining Source Interfaces
Date Thu, 09 Jan 2003 09:13:46 GMT
Carsten Ziegeler wrote:
>>>Now, think if an implementation for copy(). Each Source implementation
>>>must test if the destination is the same source implementation or not.
>>>If not use IS/OS if yes use optimized etc.
>>>So, if we are using these "marker" interfaces for all other parts, I
>>>really think we should add a "MoveableSource" (substitute the 
>>name if you
>>I thought these operations are a kind of writing operations.
>>>and have an utility class check if:
>>>a) both sources have the same implementation and
>>>b) implement MoveableSource
>>>If both is answered with yes, this can be used - if not the 
>>utility class
>>>uses IS/OS copying.
>>I like code sippets ;-)
> sippets? :) (ok, just kidding)
>>class MySource implements MoveableSource
>> void copy(Source source)
>> {
>>   // impementation depending copy
>> }
>>class SourceCopyUtil<whatever>
>> void copy(Source from, Source to)
>> {
>>   If ((from instanceof MoveableSource) &&
>>       (from.getClass().equals(to.getClass()))
>>    // impementation depending copy
>>    ((MoveableSource)from).copy(to);
>>   else
>>    IS/OS copy
>> }
>>Something like that?
> Exactly.
> Would you suggest to have two interfaces, one for copying
> and one for moving? 
> Or is it ok, to implement a move as a copy/delete?

IMHO, no. Think of a 600MB file on your hardrive. When moving this file 
from one folder to another it's much less expensive to play with the 
I-Nodes, than actually copying 600MB of data and then deleting 600 MB of 

You should give the Source implementation a hook to do such 
optimizations with a fallback of a default implementation.

Within a WebDAV repository, like Slide, you also loose all your 
metadata, when not using the methods of the store for copying and moving 

> Carsten



Jens Lorenz

interface:projects GmbH                             \\|//
Tolkewitzer Strasse 49                              (o o)
01277 Dresden                               ~~~~oOOo~(_)~oOOo~~~~

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