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From Bernhard Huber <>
Subject Re: [IMAP Generator] status webapp
Date Fri, 03 Jan 2003 11:10:36 GMT
hi, team

some status notes about the MailGenerator.

The MailGenerator is dead, long live MailAction!

I moved over to a MailAction instead of a MailGenerator.
Some explanation to this move:
* MailAction puts javamail objects as XMLizable objects
into the request attribute
* Generators xsp page can pick these XMLizable objects
  and generate XML very easily,
  eg.: <xsp-request:get-attribute name="messages" as="object"/>
* MailAction understands a series of commands, which triggers
  what javamail object should get generated,
  today following commands are supported:
    cat-folder : put folder object into request attribute
    list-folder-messages : put messages of a folder into request attribute
    search-folder : use for searching for messages in 

I moved to MailAction, as it is still to access the original javamail 
objects, folder, message, etc, and to decide later in the xsp for 
example what kind of object should get marshalled.

Now I'm finalizing the stuff, in the next days i'd like to write some 
doc, and put it into scratchpad.

  * accessing some strange mail-body
  * generating and displaying a list of attachments
  * brush of example Mail webapp.

some quick snapshot of the mail webapp:, and

ah by the way as i have not imap access all the time i wrote an mbox 
provider for accessing mbox files, downloaded the cocoon-user mboxes, 
and do testing with these mboxes, but this needs some work as writing
an mbox to jisp writer, ....

any comments?

regards bernhard

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