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From "Andrew C. Oliver" <>
Subject RSS feed for ApacheWiki now in beta test
Date Thu, 02 Jan 2003 03:08:17 GMT
Give it a whirl:

If its good... I'll move it over in place of the existing script. 
 Apparently it doesn't do
everything in the RSS that would make some people happy...

If you have suggestions, patch this:
and I'll apply them (please use diff -u format).. . Earlier there was 
some confusion by what
"send patches" meant... Some thought this meant "send things you'd like 
me to do and I'll code
it for you"... you were mistaken... ;-)

I just learned way more about PERL than I ever cared to know..  Life 
without running "cpan"
is pretty painful.  Those who don't how cpan..  I don't care for PERL 
but cpan is like the greatest
thing ever invented.  Its nearly rock solid... You want to install a 
module... you type "cpan package::module" and
whamo...its done.  Without CPAN you have to put this: "
use lib qw (/dir/subdir/subsubdir/lib); at the top of files... and hunt 
down the dependencies and all that...

I know Cocoon is working on "blocks" (and the concept is infectious 
throughout the Avalon community...which includes
Cocoon)... "cpan" is a key modal to emulate!  Its the one thing in PERL 
I actually like to use...


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