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From "Upayavira">
Subject Re: Handing over Cocoon Bean code
Date Wed, 01 Jan 2003 10:12:57 GMT
Stefano wrote:
> > *shrug* I'd have thought that the bean would become rather more
> > central with an instance being created by and
> > o.a.c.servlet.*
> Yeah, exactly.

Even though I'm new to working on the Cocoon code, that's how I've seen it. I haven't 
felt bold enough to imagine the servlet version using this bean, but I certainly have 
rewritten the class (renamed to, 'cos I don't have the guts to 
overwrite the old one!) to use the bean instead.

Therefore, I've named the main class org.apache.cocoon.CocoonBean, and put the 
assoicated classes in org.apache.cocoon.bean.

I've submitted the code as it stands, although I'm sure it's going to need a lot more work.

Note - the code for this is taken largely wholesale from in Cocoon 2.0.2.

Plans (other than taking on board your comments) include an HTTPDestination for 
submitting content using HTTP Post, an EmailDestination, and some code to do retries 
when the connection fails in the FTPDestination. My code also has no reference at all to 

I'm also working on a design for what I'm calling a ThreadedDestination. This uses a 
single thread to generate the content, because that stage is relatively fast, and then 
multiple threads to dispatch the content. I need this because my company serves pages 
on clients servers, which must therefore be delivered to them by FTP (or sometimes 
HTTP), in real time. One message coming in could necessitate the generation of as 
many as 100 pages that need to be dispatched to different servers by FTP or HTTP.

The ThreadedDestination will allow you to associate a cocoon URI with a destination 
URL (e.g. ftp://user:pass@host/folder/file.html or http://host/page.asp).

I'll let you know more when I've thought it through a little more.

Regards, Upayavira

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