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From Christian Haul <>
Subject Re: XMLForm / instance data from XML / Popup sample
Date Mon, 13 Jan 2003 08:47:10 GMT
On 11.Jan.2003 -- 09:38 AM, Ivelin Ivanov wrote:
> > From: "Christian Haul" <>

> Oh, I understand.
> The Form actually is just a wrapper. It holds to a data model, which can be
> JavaBean or DOM. So if you create a Form shell and stick the DOM in question
> in it,
> then the rest should work fine. Actually, to be precise the DOM should be
> wrapped in a DocumentContainer,
> so that JXPath can correctly detect its type. Given the form id and the
> source for the model in the
> sitemap config, creating the wrappers can happen automatically.

I see. Will look into that.

> > > 4) Then, when the browser posts the HTML form, what component will
> update
> > > the underlying data model (SQL database for example)?
> >
> > This is optional. XForms can be used for display only. Another
> > possibility is to create an XML document from the parameters and store
> > just that.
> This is good. JXPath has a feature which is not currently employed by the
> XMLFormAction.
> If the underlying model is DOM and the option "create nodes if reference not
> found"
> is turned on (I forgot the exact details), then you can use the
> XMLFormAction to do the work
> in both cases (fill in vs create doc).


Another problem is timing: If I want to create the form from data in
the XML, the earliest point of time to create the form is in a
transformer while an action is used to build the form. Mmmh, will have
to investigate further. Perhaps this is an application for an
OutputModule ;-)

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