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From Charlene Mitchell <>
Subject MyServletRequest.getAttribute loop
Date Thu, 09 Jan 2003 09:14:44 GMT

We're trying to get JSP's working with Servlet spec
2.3 (because WebLogic 7 requires it) using:
(Coocoon 2.0.4 implements Servlet spec 2.2)

So, I have a new implementation of the:
MyServletRequest class (which lives inside
JSPEngineImplNamedDispatcherInclude) see code below:

But I am getting stuck in an endless loop in the
getAttribute method. Even though I can see that 's'
does indeed match:

Where does the external call to getAttribute come
Any immediate thoughts on what the problem could be?
Or are you already working on 2.3 support? (if not any
idea when?) 


    class MyServletRequest extends
HttpServletRequestWrapper {
        String jspFile;

        public MyServletRequest(HttpServletRequest
request, String jspFile) {

            this.jspFile = jspFile;

        public Object getAttribute(String s){
            if(s != null &&
                return jspFile;

            return super.getAttribute(s); 

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