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From Jeremy Quinn <>
Subject [OT] you tried xmlMind?
Date Tue, 14 Jan 2003 15:59:07 GMT
Dear All,

After a hard weeks work, I have finally got XMLMind working as a 
WYSIWYG XML editor for our site content. Furthermore it has been 
accepted by the client as the tool their content writers will use on 
their LAN.

It's a blinding piece of software!!

If you have not seen it, check it out! 

It uses a combination of it's own XML config, CSS and XSD/DTD to style 
XML and enforce Schema validated editing. We have managed to make 
editing views close enough (just) to the way they look in a browser. 
You can add GUI widgets to add/insert/convert appropriately, it is very 
adaptable, and has macros, custom commands and has a plugable API. CSS 
support is not as complete as I'd like, but there are some very useful 
extensions to it which come in handy for showing images, adding static 
meta info etc.

Being based on standards means we will be able to port the editing to 
other apps as they come along if we want to. I don't know of any other 
standalone Apps that work the same way as XMLMind (yet!), but most of 
the CSS and all of the XSD would be portable if you wanted to use Wyona 
or BitFlux, I imagine.

XMLMind has a free and paid-for version. The free version has the 
limitation that you can only edit documents that have a default 
namespace in the "*" url space. 
No great hardship for us, though it could be a nuisance for some.

I am using it on MacOSX, where it is pretty buggy, but then I am having 
to use the Developer Preview v8 of Java 1.4.1 in which to run it. 
XMLMind acknowledge the problems and say they take the platform 
seriously ....

I have been waiting a long time to be able to work like this!

These types of editors are becoming a reality.

Maybe we should start contributing XSD etc. Schemas for the different 
Cocoon document namespaces, like SQLTransformer, 
SourceWritingTransformer etc. we are going to start needing them for 
editors ;)

regards Jeremy

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