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Subject Accessing java.sql.ResultSet via jxpath
Date Wed, 08 Jan 2003 17:24:57 GMT


we are thinking how a multi-line result from an SQL-query can be passed
efficiently from the logic layer to the flow layer.
One possibility, that currently works, is to build a List of Java objects 
(one for each row) and access this List via jxpath in the view.

In the view we then have for example:

       <jpath:for-each select="users/list">
                <jpath:value-of select="userName"/>
                <jpath:value-of select="firstName"/>
                <jpath:value-of select="lastName"/>

Unfortunately it is not very efficient to build a new array of Objects, just
to pass the information from the ResultSet to the view layer.

As an alternative we currently try to extend jxpath to be able to handle
java.sql.ResultSet directly.

Is anybody else working on this already, or are other ways to solve the

Best regards,
Johannes Hofmann

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