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From Jakob Praher <>
Subject cocoon blocks and some questions, xml modularization
Date Thu, 30 Jan 2003 20:14:20 GMT

I was reading through the
wiki page, which is a very interesting read.

There are some questions which have come to my mind:

One of the things that interests me, is how you want to manage
specifications of xslts?

You have to ensure that the blocks stylesheets adhere to the
specification, this means:

- the resulting data should have the right data format [xml,txt,pdf,...]
- the paths for refereing to the stylesheets must be standardized
   otherwise it is useless to do:
                         must be standardized.

perhaps some lint like checker is needed for doing the above.

Do you see xslt reuse only at a black box model (this is the natural way
for cocoon, since it deals with tranformations) .

Should there be a support for importing stylesheets from other blocks,
which means that there should be an xslt specification to define some
templates which must be supported .

(this is propably an overkill)

What are the problems with the current container in detail?

I have used avalon in my own applications and like it very much, and I
would like to see a more detailed description, of what the problems of
the current ECM Containers are.

[ I think one of the problems is the static behaviour of configuration,
and classloading difficulties that come along, but maybe you can tell me
more about that here ]

It would be great if we could brainstorm on this using the site.

What time frame do you have for implementing cocoon blocks? 


-- Jakob

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