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From Ovidiu Predescu <>
Subject [ANNOUNCE] XSLT-process 2.2 available
Date Wed, 08 Jan 2003 17:40:06 GMT
What is it?

XSLT-process is a mode for GNU Emacs/XEmacs which transforms it into a 
powerful editor with XSLT processing and debugging capabilities. With 
this mode you can:

- run an XSLT processor on the Emacs buffer you edit, and view the 
results either in another Emacs buffer or in a browser.

- run an XSLT processor in debug mode and view what happens during the 
XSLT transformation. You can set breakpoints, run step by step into 
your stylesheet, view global and local XSLT variables and many more. In 
this mode you effectively use GNU Emacs/XEmacs as an XSLT debugger.

- when used with the DocBook-XSL package, GNU Emacs/XEmacs becomes a 
powerful DocBook processing system.

Currently the Saxon and Xalan Java XSLT processors, and Apache FOP are 
supported, and the mode comes out of the box configured to use them.

The package has been tested with various versions of XEmacs and GNU 
Emacs under Linux, Windows 2000 and MacOS X.

The package is free software and is distributed under GPL. The home
page of XSLT-process is located at:

What's new?

This release adds several improvements to the previous release:

- XSLT-process now uses Saxon 6.5.2, Xalan 2.4.1 and FOP 0.20.4

- Debugging using Xalan 2.4.1 is now fully supported.

- Both JDK 1.3 and 1.4 are supported.

- During debugging sessions the output produced by executing the 
stylesheet is serialized immediately, then displayed and incrementally 
updated in an Emacs buffer.

- Added parameter passing to the XSLT processor. These are parameters 
that are specified to all the stylesheets, in addition to any other 
parameters. They are specified through the customization menu.

- Logging output, error messages, etc. generated by the FOP processor 
are displayed in the *Messages* buffer. The level of logging can be 

- Improvements to the display of information during debugging.

- MacOS X is now a supported platform, in addition to Linux and Windows 

Ovidiu Predescu <>

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