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From "Ivelin Ivanov" <>
Subject Re: XMLForm / instance data from XML / Popup sample
Date Thu, 09 Jan 2003 04:42:15 GMT


It is great that you are looking at XML data models more seriously.

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From: "Christian Haul" <>
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Cc: "Michael Homeijer" <>; "Ivelin Ivanov"
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Sent: Wednesday, January 08, 2003 9:33 AM
Subject: XMLForm / instance data from XML / Popup sample

> Hi all,
> I've spend some time now understanding XMLForm and I have looked at
> the popup sample from Michael
> I couldn't find a post from Josema Alonso regarding XForms & Xindice
> that appeared related. Ivelin, which one do you have in mind? Could
> you send me a link or a copy?

Josema had shared some ideas on the list. If he is still intrested in the
I would advise him to answer your request directly.

> Indeed, the Popup sample has a similar edge to my whish to make a form
> on the fly from XML.
> Michael's WriteDOMTransformer does a fairly similar job as the
> SimpleFormInstanceExtractionTransformer. Only that the latter already
> uses OutputModules and has a slightly different default configuration.
> (To be honest, it is based on the WriteDOMTransformer from 2.0.x,
> which changed significantly in 2.1. A similarity is hence not
> surprising).
> Together with the XmlFormPopupAction it is possible to create a form
> on the fly. Great!

I am really behind on this effort, so it is really nice that you will try
to work out a more robust long term solution with Michael.

> If no validation is required, and only the XForms -> HTML conversion
> is needed, a complete XMLForms instance is needed, still. Would it be
> possible / OK to remove the dependencies of the XMLFormTransformer
> from Form? As far as I could see, all it does is lookup the Form and
> use the getVale() method.

Can you give me an example where "only the XForms -> HTML conversion is
I am not sure I understand what that means.



> OK, there's violations and modelReferenceForView so that would be
> difficult. Perhaps two transformers, a minimal one without this and
> another one including violations and the modelReferenceForView?
> Thoughts?
> Chris.
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