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From "Twadell, Daniel M" <>
Subject couple notes on latest 2.1 build
Date Wed, 08 Jan 2003 23:17:11 GMT

Hi all, just some input on two issues with latest 2.1 builds
I HAD to add mail.jar and mod the jars.xml to get passed lots of javax.mail
compile probs..
 ( the condition on mail.jar does not seem to be correct)

after adding j2ee 1.3 mail.jar 

one compile issue in
METHOD   javax.mail.Folder.getDeletedMessageCount();

 is referencing a beta java J2EE 1.4 APIs

line 385         //   addAttribute("deleted-messages",
do you want to target j2ee 1.4 yet.... 


I am testing the latest 2.1 build on tomcat 4.1.17
with the webapp-local compile, the basic app was 
giving this error

it worked fine in 4.0.? tomcat

problem seems to be the entity entry in document-v10.dtd

<!ENTITY % charEntity SYSTEM "characters.ent">

I removed the above lines from all four document-v10.dtd
and the cocoon servlet will work under my 4.1.17

some on know the new right why to include the characters.ent ???

I hope that provides a little ground work 



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