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From "Bart Guijt" <>
Subject Re: [RT] JavadocGenerator
Date Mon, 27 Jan 2003 23:16:46 GMT
Hi there,

As a result of gaining some hands-on Cocoon experience, I created a
JavadocSource and -SourceFactory which largely complies to what you are
discussing here.

Here are some feature hilights:
- uses the QDox parser;
- uses the Excalibur SourceResolver to resolve the source files;
- may be configured using multiple source root (uri's), like
<jar:file:///D:/java/jdk1.4.1/!> and
- creates inheritance information in the generated XML doc;
- comes with an XSLT stylesheet which creates a Class or Interface Javadoc
document (no package, overview, uses or index yet!) *exactly* like the JDK
- supports separately doc'ed inner classes;
- documents private members;
- the code has alpha status, but seems to works fine.

The JavadocSource is configured like this in cocoon.xconf:

class="info.guijt.cocoon.source.JavadocSourceFactory" name="javadoc">
      <include-inheritance value="yes" />
      <source-roots group="JDK">
        <source-root uri="jar:file:///D:/java/jdk1.4.1/!" />
      <source-roots group="Avalon">
uri="file://D:/cvs-workspaces/apache/jakarta-avalon/src/java" />
uri="file://D:/cvs-workspaces/apache/jakarta-avalon-logkit/src/java" />
java" />
src/java" />
va" />
      <source-roots group="Cocoon">
uri="file://D:/cvs-workspaces/apache/xml-cocoon2/src/java" />
uri="file://D:/cvs-workspaces/apache/xml-cocoon2/src/deprecated/java" />

If the following is put in the sitemap:

    <map:match pattern="javadoc/*">
      <map:generate src="javadoc:{1}" />
      <map:transform src="javadoc2html.xsl" />
      <map:serialize type="html" />

you can request live Javadoc with a URL like


Would you like it as a donation to the Cocoon community?


Bart Guijt

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From: "Bernhard Huber" <>
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Sent: Sunday, January 26, 2003 8:53 AM
Subject: [RT] JavadocGeneratro , was [STATUS] qdox java generator

> hi,
> as we had some off line talking about a JavadocGenerator i'd like
> to discuss this further on the dev-list.

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