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Subject Cocoon IDE with debugger
Date Thu, 12 Dec 2002 09:08:31 GMT

I have been following the discussion about a Cocoon IDE, debugger etc. with
some interest (although my email connection is limited this week). As most
of you know we have developed some plugins for eclipse that can help with
Cocoon based application development. You can download "sunBow" from here: sunBow is free although not (yet) open

In addition we have implemented part of a debugger (consisting of another
plugin and the Cocoon side) that some of you saw in Ghent. Sylvain posted
the link to a screenshot earlier.

At the moment I am trying to convince "the powers" that we should donate
sunBow and the debugger to Cocoon. There are various reasons for this that
I won't get into now. The outcome of my push to do this is also uncertain
at the moment.

Now, Nicola mentioned that the concept for the debugger he discussed with
Gianugo should not be based on eclipse. So that would of course rule out
what we currently have.

Anyway, whatever the outcome I look forward to this new development as it
certainly is something that is needed badly. Perhaps Gianugo and Nicola
could provide some details on what they are thinking of?


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