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From "Carsten Ziegeler" <>
Subject RE: SourceFactory considered harmful (Bug #15279)
Date Mon, 16 Dec 2002 07:04:14 GMT
Sylvain Wallez wrote:

> Hi team,
> Bug #15279 (WriteableSource doesn't work with "context:" URLs) reveals 
> what seems to me a design flaw in the SourceResolver.
> The SourceResolver uses two kinds of classes can to do its job : 
> SourceFactories and URLFactories. When an URL has to be resolved, it 
> first checks if any SourceFactory handles the URL's protocol, and if 
> there's none, it falls back to searching an URLFactory then creates an 
> URLSource.

This is true for 2.0.x, but not for 2.1 where the new source resolver
package from excalibur is used.
URLFactories are deprecated (starting with 2.1)

With this source resolving, the same implementation, URLSource I think,
is used. I guess the problem is that the current implementation of
the context: protocol does not use the WriteableSource implementation.


Carsten Ziegeler 
Open Source Group, S&N AG

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