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Subject RE: Bug in LDAPTransformer
Date Tue, 10 Dec 2002 10:48:08 GMT
Hello list,

Didier Rano wrote, that he found a bug in LDAPTransformer.

He is right, LDAPTransformer is not capable to read multi-valued ldap
LDAPTransformer does only return the first value of a multi-valued ldap

I wrote a new version of LDAPTransformer, which does a traversal of the list of
and introduces the new tag: <ldap:value-element>.

If value-element is not empty, each value will be enclosed by the given
This is true for multi-valued and for single-valued ldap attributes.

There is an other feature in my version of LDAPTransformer:

The value of this element is used as property SECURITY_PROTOCOL.
So if you set it to "ssl", you will have a secure connection to the LDAP server.

This feature is absolutely necessary if you want to access Novell eDir, because
ssl only anonymous connections are allowed. And with anonymous connections
the access to the eDir is restricted.

Because this is my first Java program :-) I would like to find someone, who will
which other "new features" I may have implemented.

Christoph Oberle

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